Scrunchies, Scrunchies, and more Scrunchies!

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Princessy Collection

Mini Scrunchies for our Little PrincessesColor Themes?Combination inspired by our Childhood Fave... 

Scrunchies for the Potterheads

New Scrunchie Alert!

YATZ | Skinny Scrunchies 2.0

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  • Shala in Silk

    "Super Love it :)"


  • Cheers!

    "Scrunchies parteyyy!
    Congrats sa bagong shop mo Aci Girl!" @Shaney SRivera

  • Shala & Fluffy

    "Got my shala & fluffy scrunchies na from Aci Girl Boutique. Love it!" @MOM E

  • G!

    "I super like the gaming srunchie made by Aci Girl. OK sya. Suotin ko sa wrist ko habang gaming :)" @PopAZ

  • Skinny Scrunchies

    "Super cute and affordable!
    Ang bilis pa shipping"


  • Scrunchies Haul

    "I love everything in my package! So sweet! Super duper worth it! Excellent quality. Well-packed. Very accommodating and Friendly seller. Fast shipping! Will order again"
    @Rochelle Rivera

  • Harry Potter Collection

    "Ang cute ng mga scrunchies na gawa ni Aci! Loved the Harry Potter themed scrunchies that I ordered as freebies for my junk journal customers. Order na rin kayo"
    @Mamanee's Nest

  • Moms Supporting Moms

    "Bought beautiful scrunchies from Aci Girl! Ang gaganda ng mga colors, syempre ang tahi iba, So proud of you sis Aci Girl! Baka in a few months may factory ka na o patahian na bongga! Keep it up.
    Cheers to more side hustles! " @JoyBites

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