Scrunchies, Scrunchies, and more Scrunchies!

Proudly handmade by Aci Girl

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Featured Scrunchie Collection

Princessy Collection

Mini Scrunchies for our Little PrincessesColor Themes?Combination inspired by our Childhood Fave... 

Made to Order

Made to Order Collection 

Scrunchies for the Potterheads

New Scrunchie Alert!

YATZ | Skinny Scrunchies 2.0

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  • Shala in Silk

    "Super Love it :)"


  • Cheers!

    "Scrunchies parteyyy!
    Congrats sa bagong shop mo Aci Girl!" @Shaney SRivera

  • Shala & Fluffy

    "Got my shala & fluffy scrunchies na from Aci Girl Boutique. Love it!" @MOM E

  • G!

    "I super like the gaming srunchie made by Aci Girl. OK sya. Suotin ko sa wrist ko habang gaming :)" @PopAZ

  • Skinny Scrunchies

    "Super cute and affordable!
    Ang bilis pa shipping"


  • Scrunchies Haul

    "I love everything in my package! So sweet! Super duper worth it! Excellent quality. Well-packed. Very accommodating and Friendly seller. Fast shipping! Will order again"
    @Rochelle Rivera

  • Harry Potter Collection

    "Ang cute ng mga scrunchies na gawa ni Aci! Loved the Harry Potter themed scrunchies that I ordered as freebies for my junk journal customers. Order na rin kayo"
    @Mamanee's Nest

  • Moms Supporting Moms

    "Bought beautiful scrunchies from Aci Girl! Ang gaganda ng mga colors, syempre ang tahi iba, So proud of you sis Aci Girl! Baka in a few months may factory ka na o patahian na bongga! Keep it up.
    Cheers to more side hustles! " @JoyBites

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